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Lakes & Waterfalls in Mukteshwar


Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal Lake, one of the most famous lakes in India, is located in the Bhimtal town of the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. An island at the center of the Lake is a famous tourist attraction and also houses an aquarium with a variety of fish species and a temple.

Sattal: Seven Lakes

Sattal of Seven Lakes located close to each other is at a distance of 20 KM from Nainital and it will take one hour via Bowali. On the main road connecting Haldwani to Almore at MehrGaon you have to take a right turn and Sattal is 7 KM from here.



Naini Lake in Nainital

This natural freshwater lake beauty is charming and many world’s prominent writers explained its beauty in words of their poems. Inspiring Naini Lake has also attracted many writers and creative personalities.

Sariyatal Lake

The lake is famous for its magnificent sunrises which make the lake gleam like a shining star as the sun rays hit its green waters. Such beauty can only be experienced to be understood and admired to its fullest essence. Nainital Tourism helps you plan a comfortable stay at Sariyatal and nearby areas and provides a curated list of companies which assist in making your vacation hassle-free.



Dokaney Fall

Dhokaney Fall, a stunning waterfall hidden in the pines is a local secret of the region. Owing to its location, it’s a lesser crowded spot and only people from the Dhokaney village can be seen here on sunny afternoons.

Woodland Water Fall

Small Woodland Nainital(Paid entry Rupee 50 only)Located in between Kaladungi and Nainital road. Woodland waterfall is one of the main attractions in Nainital as a natural waterfall claimed to be water stored in plants and ponds. A 90 step ride is not difficult in the green patch where water gushing from the top.



Bhalu Gaad Waterfall

The Bhalu Gaad fall is a 60 feet high fall from the undiscovered source. It is a mixture of a horseshoe and plunge-shaped waterfall. The water flows continuously throughout the year maintaining contact with the rock bed before turning to Plunge at the bottom. Indeed, the waterfall completely turns to plunge shaped when the water flow increases during the rainy season.