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Hiking Area Near Mukteshwar


Tiffin’s Top

Among the known things to do in Nainital, besides the ones mentioned earlier, is taking a ride in the Nainital trolley. The trolley car takes visitors up to a nearby peak known as Tiffin’s Top (also known as Dorothy’s Peak). While the ride in the trolley car does offer some breathtaking views of the mountain city and its surroundings, it’s not exactly an adventurous experience.

Naini Peak-Pangot Trek

One of the most frequented treks in the area, the Naini Peak-Pankgot trek is the perfect two day adventure for trekking enthusiasts. The trek starts at Mallital in Nainital and goest through the famous Snow View hill to reach Naini Peak (also known as China Peak).



Land’s End

The 4 kilometer hike is perhaps the most rewarding hike in the region. Living up to its unique name, Land’s End peak is literally where the land ends. Beyond the peak, there is several hundred meters of nothingness. Thanks to this, it offers incredible views of the surrounding Himalayas, valleys, and lakes.

Kunjkharak Trek

Those looking for an offbeat experience near Nainital should not miss Kunjkharak Trek. There are a number of things that make this destination unique. For starters, KunjKharak is not a hilly trek but a jungle trek, which is very rare in the northern parts of the country. Moreover, the destination is relatively untouched, especially when compared to nearby tourist spots like Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park.