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Top 10 Adventure Sports



Pangot is located about 15km away from Nainital that hosts a 3-day camping trip. This experience will you spell bounded by the serenity that prevails in the beautiful town. Pangot is popular for being a heaven for a diverse 200 species of birds, pine, and oak forests along with rhododendron.


Adventure enthusiasts can experience the thrill of flying high up in the air, through paragliding. Accompany your sky adventure with highly professional and experienced instructors who guide you through the entire journey.



Ridge Camping

The camp is situated right in the middle of the meadows with a mesmerizing view of the Himalayan peaks along with snow capped mountains surrounding the zone. The site is situated about 50 kilometers from Nainital and is famous for its fruit orchards while offering a panoramic scenario of the entire location.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one among other adventurous sports in Nainital that is highly preferred by tourists visiting Nainital. The sport inculcates a true sense of adventure while developing an individual’s strength mentally and physically. Rather a demanding sport both physically and mentally rock climbing helps in testing the strength of a climber along with balance, agility, and endurance.




Nainital is often referred to as a treadmill for individuals who love trekking. The vast hill terrain for the place is ideal for performing a wide range of adventurous activities and trekking is one of them. The sport is ideal for trekking enthusiasts who wish to explore the surrounding beauty of the popular hill station.


Parasailing is one of the best adventure sports in Nainital that enables you to fly while soaring high with your wings. You are tied at the end of a boat with the help of a rope. You will love this sport if you have always been wishing to soar high with your wings like a bird.




Rappelling is another adventurous activity where an individual seeks to climb a mountain by being vertically inclined. This is performed with the assistance of a rope. Sattal Lake is the ideal place to perform this activity and is located between thick backwoods, lush greenery, and spectacular view.

Horse Riding

Visiting a hill station is incomplete without horse riding, which is a great way of exploring the trails of the hills. Explore the beauty of the area on horses that are well trained and experienced. For individuals riding for the very first time, you need a horseman who will assist you through all stages of the ride.



Water Zorbing

If you are an adventure enthusiast who also loves water, this adventurous sport is a must for you. You will be put inside a plastic ball known as zorb through which you can stroll in water. The movement helps to enhance body equalization, which is quite fascinating. The movement takes place for the tenure of 15 minutes

River Crossing

Nainital is a paradise for individuals interested in performing adventurous activities, and river crossing are one of them. The beautiful region satisfies the longing of each adventurous and helps you to relax. Sattal Nainital is a famous spot for performing the activity which is situated between pine and thick oak backwoods.